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Our goal is to help the entire San Diego community achieve optimal health and reach your weight loss goals. We have a wide range of services to help our diverse clientele. Our humble beginning began in Denver, Colorado where we helped our clients lose a total of 3200lbs in 2016.
Our other services in massage therapy and acupuncture which have been proven to help with progression of digestion and weight loss.
Pam W

Like many of us, I have tried several diets over the years with limited success. Ideal protein meal supplements are tasty, making them something to look forward to rather than dread. Howard has been a great coach throughout the program. Always providing suggestions and encouragement made the weekly sessions enjoyable and rewarding. I feel confident that I will be able to maintain my weight loss, but know that if I gain a few pounds I will take it off again quickly and easily.

Many thanks,

Kristin S

After starting Ideal Protein, I've not only lost the weight I had gained but reshaped my entire body. My skin is amazing and physically I'm stronger than I've ever been. The entire staff is very professional and amazingly healthy. A big thank you to Howard and the staff at Slimdown4life, you didn't just help me lose weight, you helped me get my amazing life back. I feel GREAT!!!!!!!

Kristin S
Rachel S.

Down 33lbs from my starting weight in just 10 weeks. Feeling constant temptations working in the restaurant/bar industry, and wanting to obtain some lofty fitness goals... I found this focused, medical-grade program that gave me the big-time lift that I needed.

Enlightened & Thankful,


Rachel S
Margo N.

During January of 2014, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I knew that I needed to reset my whole system, and not depend on any medication.  I started my protocol of Ideal Protein Diet and I am so grateful. Not only did I lose 17 pounds in 8 weeks but I DID reverse my Diabetes diagnosis.  My Doctor was amazed, he has never in his years of practice as a family Doctor seen any patient reverse a Diabetes diagnosis in 8 weeks and without medications.

I am Eternally Grateful

Margo N

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Resist the temptation of the comfort zone.

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