Want to ZAP those stubborn fatty areas you just can’t lose (even though you’re exercising and eating right)?

Feel Confident in Your Toned Body!

Zap away problem
inches while you
take a relaxing break!  

I-Lipo Body Contouring

is the ultimate way to reduce those love handles –
without pain or surgery.

  • get your body bikini ready
  • increase your energy
  • lose inches from your waist

Turn your unwanted fat into fuel! The i-Lipo uses low-level laser energy on your fat cells to break down stored triglycerides and release them as glycerol & free fatty acids your body can metabolize into pure energy.

I lost 2.6 inches, so it worked! The treatment itself is 45 minutes with the lasers on and then 10 minutes on the shake plate. It is a very relaxing time to have to yourself.
I feel much leaner, enjoy the results, and I’m very happy I did it!
Elizabeth S.

Questions?   We have answers for you.

Let us help you design your own customized wellness protocol

How Does It WorK?

Magic? ... Nope!

Even better -
It's science!

Check it out!

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