Feeling a little flat?

Get An INSTANT Energy Boost!

INjection Therapy

kicks your energy, metabolism,
& immunity into top gear!

  • rev up your energy
  • combat infections
  • supress stress
  • elevate your mood
  • boost your immune system

If you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, you may be missing out on vital nutrients that can impact your health.
Our injections provide a complete balance of essential vitamins and minerals according to your needs, so you can function properly.

I always enjoy my time when I come in for my B12 injection. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. I have been a client for a while now and I like supporting a local business. I recommend this place all the time.
Joseph M

Questions?   We have answers for you.

Let us help you design your own customized wellness protocol

Vitamin B-12

This essential nutrient plays a key part of metabolic function, and serves as a great energy booster. It also maintains the normal functions of our nervous system, repairs and oxygenates cells, and greatly enhances cognitive ability and liver function.

Mic B-12

Essential amino acids combined with B-12 to preserve and build muscle mass and sustain energy

Lipo B Slim

B-complex of B-12, MIC aminos, Adenosine & L-Carnitine that promotes fat metabolism while preserving muscles.

Rest Pack

Magnesium and MIC B-12 will help sleep, muscle tension, and cardiac health.

Recharge Pack

Boost your immune system & energy levels with Vitamin C and MIC B-12. Great for frequent travelers.

Detox Pack

Combo of MIC B-12 with Glutathione, the master liver cleanser that helps the body detox & promote anti-aging.

Immunity Cocktail

Our ultimate immune-boosting cocktail contains Vitamin C, Zinc & B-complex. Helps to prevent viruses from multiplying.
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When you visit us here at the entrance to Shelter Island on San Diego Bay, you’re just steps away from miles of beautiful bayfront walking paths.

You’ll also find kayak & bike rentals nearby if that’s more your style.

Why not take time for some fresh air and healthy activity while you’re in the neighborhood?