Local Cryoptherapy is included with
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Want to freeze away your pain?

Get Instant Relief!

Feel better.  Fast.

Local Cryotherapy

applies intense cold to soothe your nerves and stimulate oxygenated blood flow, to help you

  • reduce muscle aches
  • relieve inflammation
  • soothe chronic pain
  • recover and heal faster

Subzero temperatures instantly constrict your blood vessels to flush your injured tissues of fluid and waste.  As your muscles naturally re-warm they receive a massive flow of oxygenated blood, which serves as a natural analgesic and
reduces muscle tension, allowing faster recovery.

I hurt my hip flexor/quad (pulled muscle or tear) and even after two weeks of intense pain, no movement (could barely take a step!), it wasn't getting better. I went to Ravive Health & Vitality for a cryotherapy session - doubts in mind, but since the rate was better than anywhere else, I figured "why not?"... it was AMAZING!
The past week, I resumed my daily yoga routine, could walk to do errands and could go up/down stairs!
I 100% recommend Ravive Health & Vitality!
Natanya Steelman

Want UNLIMITED Local Cryotherapy sessions?

You get that with your NO•LIMITS RECHARGER MEMBERSHIP – along with unlimited access to all  RECHARGER CIRCUIT therapies (plus other benefits & privileges).  Learn More>>

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When you visit us here at the entrance to Shelter Island on San Diego Bay, you’re just steps away from miles of beautiful bayfront walking paths.

You’ll also find kayak & bike rentals nearby if that’s more your style.

Why not take time for some fresh air and healthy activity while you’re in the neighborhood?