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your most relaxing,
peaceful way to

  • reduce your stress
  • relieve aches and pains
  • soothe your anxieties
  • improve your skin health

Add CBD oil to your massage to enhance your experience. 
Our pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil can treat a wide range of medical issues, with zero psychoactive effects. CBD oil penetrates deep into your muscle tissue, 
giving you longer-lasting effects and increased relaxation.

Celeste was my therapist! And she was amazing! She definitely took her time and hit the spots that I really needed taken care of! She was super sweet and considerate of all my problems ❤️ thank you so much for your time can’t wait to be back! Favorite part was my ear and hand massage!!
Brittany Schwanke

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When you visit us here at the entrance to Shelter Island on San Diego Bay, you’re just steps away from miles of beautiful bayfront walking paths.

You’ll also find kayak & bike rentals nearby if that’s more your style.

Why not take time for some fresh air and healthy activity while you’re in the neighborhood?